My husband falls off his bike all of the time. This is the fastest turnaround we’ve had going to and from X-ray…

Patient & Partner, St Helier Hospital

Epsom & St Helier University NHS Hospital / Mitie

Customer success is at the heart of Navenio. Apart from providing an intuitive and simple to use suite of tools, we also work diligently and sympathetically to the complex healthcare environment so that when we go-live it goes as smoothly as possible, and most importantly, we move immediately to 100% adoption.

It is fantastic to hear feedback from management, staff and patients on the system that shows we’re doing a great job. This document highlights just some of the comments received at the go-live of Epsom & St Helier University NHS Hospital, via its outsourcing partner Mitie.

A View from
Jo Moon, Radiology Superintendent

I first heard about the Navenio solution while it was in its initial set-up phase and quickly realised that Navenio had the potential to significantly improve the portering situation and would give us some much needed clarity and an overview of how jobs were progressing, something we have found very frustrating in the past.

By being involved from the outset we have been able to input our needs into the system. The whole team have been friendly and responsive to feedback. After some initial training from the Navenio team, who were very understanding of clinical pressures, we were quickly able to transition from using the porter helpdesk we’d been using previously to using the Navenio system for all our ward portering needs.

  • With patients being brought to Radiology and taken back to their wards in a more efficient manner, we have completed more tasks than prior to Navenio in an average day
  • Entering the information required for the team is faster overall as we can enter jobs on multiple terminals rather than waiting for a single helpdesk operative to be free
  • The transfer of data is faster, especially for long or complicated names. On the new system, it takes about 60-90seconds compared to up to 3 mins waiting on the phone to then spelling out the names
  • Being able to schedule tasks throughout the day is a real benefit compared to logging one job and then adding the next once the first was completed
  • The porters also have all the information on their devices compared to pieces of paper or calling back to the control desk with a query. This is very helpful in a shared waiting area
  • We now have visibility of when porters have accepted tasks, an estimate of when they will arrive and their progress through the task, none of which we had before and it has really improved the situation for staff and patients alike
  • The new system also allows the porters to log the problems such as a of lack of wheelchairs, slow lifts and waiting on the ward. This will drive further improvements from actual data, not just hearsay
  • Overall, I would recommend the Navenio product to any other Radiology wards considering adopting their solution.

Here's what they said...

It’s pretty cool how it knows what stage of the task you are on, I think it will make things so much easier


We love it, I didn’t think we would at first but it’s super easy to use - it’s so clear and fast


This technology is really impressive, it’s gone really smoothly thank you all so much