We are delighted with Navenio so far and have concluded that even wider use of the system will give us the data to effect change in all areas of patient flow

Roger Mugherwa, Facilities Manager

Tameside and Glossop Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust

Working collaboratively with our customers is vital right from the start. With Tameside and Glossop Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust we ensured that our ‘Discovery’ process engaged all relevant departments to understand the impact of implementing Navenio across the trust and gathered necessary insights to inform the successful delivery of Navenio’s Intelligent Workforce Solution and Portering module.

It is a privilege to understand that staff and patients within the trust saw the benefits from using Navenio almost immediately. This document focuses on the qualitative and quantitative advantages that have been experienced since going live with Navenio in Tameside and Glossop Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust.

A View from:
Duncan Hampson, Portering Manager

Since the beginning of 2017, we collaborated with Navenio to help develop a location-based workforce tracking and tasking solution to improve productivity and Portering experience across our organisation. Navenio started to deploy the service to our portering and Ward-based teams in December 2017 and we started to see the benefits almost immediately.

The service has been well received by users:

  • Porters find the solution easy to use – it allows them to focus on the most important tasks and ensures daily tasks are handled with the minimum amount of effort Ward staff can book tasks quickly and be kept up to date on task progress – allowing them to plan their days better, in turn freeing up more of their time for patient care
  • Management now have access to highly usable information, providing useful insights on operational practices and compliance levels, and that helps us address inefficiencies across the organisation as a whole
  • Patients benefit from faster response times and better service levels – helping to minimise their stay in hospital

Using Navenio has helped us to deliver game-changing results

The service has proven itself to be reliable and impactful in operation, delivering the following benefits:

There have been no incident forms raised in relation to privacy or data quality in connection with the service since go-live. Users are happy with the service and remain engaged.

  • Tasks completed: 94% increase
  • Task response times: 40% faster
  • Task handling times: 12% quicker
  • SLA compliance: 95% 1
  • Service uptime: 99.8%
  • Residual unused porter team capacity: 23%
  • Released helpdesk capacity: 40hrs/wk 2
  • Released ward capacity: 175hrs/wk 3

The future

The data has highlighted a variety of opportunities to further enhance organisational efficiency and fantastic patient service across the Trust. Departments identified to benefit from using Navenio include:

  • Radiology Portering – to unlock the full capacity of this critical pathway
  • Cleaning Compliance and Infection Prevention Tasking – to make the hospital cleaner and safer for all
  • Patient Transport – to help us minimise delays in patient flow and reduce patient stays
  • Asset Tracking – to minimise time spent searching for assets, driving workforce efficiency, and helping us find those assets when it’s time for maintenance, for example

We are delighted with the service so far and believe these solutions are likely to help many NHS Trusts achieve their service and financial goals.

Here's what they said...

Navenio has proven itself to be reliable and impactful in operation and has delivered a 94% increase in portering tasks completed

Duncan Hampson

Portering Manager