Infrastructure-free localisation using just a smartphone

Navenio’s cutting-edge indoor-location technology is created from World-class University of Oxford Science. Using only a smartphone’s sensors, the fusion of core technologies creates a highly scalable indoor location, providing actionable insight immediately.

An AWS Partner

IWS is a SaaS solution that runs completely on AWS. It makes use of AWS managed services like RDS, Lambda, Cognito and Fargate among others. This makes the solution extremely robust, available and scalable. The security and encryption features offered by RDS and VPC networking allow us to keep sensitive customer data secure both at rest and in transit. The various AWS regions spread across different geographies allow us to provide our services in different regions of the world while adhering to data security and storage requirements for different jurisdictions

AI-Powered Motion Tracking

  • Robust odometry across people, trolleys and vehicles
  • Uses IMU data from a smartphone’s sensors for navigation
  • PDR algorithms adjust for the different ways a smartphone is held and overcome sensor noise to derive accurate user movement
  • Deep learning based pose estimation can use inertial data only (acceleration and gyroscope) for continuous asset tracking – e.g. for trolley motion estimation
  • In environments where both inertial and camera data are available, deep learning visual inertial odometry approaches offer low drift odometry for vehicles and robots, as well as for people using VR/AR applications


  • Patented map matching algorithms constrain a user’s odometry to the features of the map
  • Works with noisy trajectories and floorplans where changes may have occurred


  • Uses a fusion of inertial, GPS and Wi-Fi data to accurately detect the time/ place of entry and exit into a building
  • Algorithms work when we do or do not have knowledge of the location of entry/exit points


  • Algorithms can localise people across multiple floors without prior knowledge of floor change transitions
  • Using pressure, inertial and signal-map data, Navenio’s technology identifies floor change transitions and what floor a user is moving to


  • Experience maps are built via crowdsourcing users’ movements using inertial, pressure, Wi-Fi, BLE and GPS data
  • Using a Wi-Fi or BLE scan, Navenio’s technology can detect the 3D location of a user on an experience map

Experience Mapping

Removing the need for any physical map

  • Navenio has removed the need for physical building maps
  • Experience maps are built via crowdsourcing users’ movements using inertial, pressure, Wi-Fi, BLE and GPS data
  • Noisy trajectories are removed and users’ trajectories are optimised into a single experience map that show the main thoroughfares
  • Experience maps can be generated across multiple floors in 3D
  • Navenio’s technology is therefore able to prepare buildings for indoor localisation remotely without ever visiting them


  • Can detect feature extraction from CAD plans e.g. location of doors/ staircases
  • Applies text extraction techniques to understanding a CAD plan e.g. relevant building names and floor detail
  • Identifies points of interest and traversable space


  • Can automatically stitch together a campus layout comprising tens of CAD plans from multiple nearby buildings and user data
  • Automatically aligns multiple floors on top of each other


  • Can automatically geo-reference each building from a single site or campus layout either from building outlines or by using data and patterns from users’ movements, namely experience maps


  • Crowdsources radio signals from users to automatically generate building signal maps
  • Navenio can notify when features such as Wi-Fi access points have changed and muse crowdsourced user trajectories periodically to update signal maps with no manual effort

Fits perfectly into your environment

Integration friendly
Navenio’s technology is available as a standalone solution or as part of your interoperable environment. Navenio’s modular system supports multiple standards including HL7 / FHIR, as well as bespoke integration where required.

Privacy & security
Privacy and security are inherent in Navenio technology and we are committed to protecting all confidential data. Navenio is Cyber Essentials Plus certified, NHS Data Security and Protection Toolkit, HIPAA and GDPR compliant.



Award Winning, Accurate & Highly Scalable

Navenio’s robust indoor location technology has won countless awards and more importantly is highly accurate. It can identify users’ locations, past or present, within a few metres providing unique and actionable insight immediately.

Plus Navenio is scalable, frictionless, fast and can be adapted to any use case, in any type of building, to any sector globally. Whether that’s healthcare, gaming, mapping, indoor parking, wayfinding, oil and gas safety, lone working or any other relevant use case.

Navenio’s scalability and reliability has been proven through successfully operating in 5000+ room hospitals that have multiple floors, hundreds of entrances and run 24/7.

Indoor Location for
Everyone, Everywhere

Our highly scalable, indoor location-based technology can also be used within consumer and B2B apps, and as a license to OEMs providing people with richer experiences everywhere, from integrating with social apps to being used in shopping centres.