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Leveraging Innovative, Location-Aware Workflow Technology to Create Smart Systems and Smarter Hospital Organizations

Your Systems, Your Workflow… simply location aware

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Hospitals & Health Systems

Empowering Nurses and Enabling Care Team Efficiency through Real-Time Location and Intelligent Tasking Solutions

  • Enhanced Patient Workflow
  • Proactive Task Orchestration
  • Uber-Like Task Status and ETAs
  • Medical Equipment Location & Asset Mgt


An Infrastructure-Free Enterprise Platform for Real-Time Location Services and Plug and Play Integration with existing systems.

  • Nurse Call
  • Staff Duress
  • Asset Management
  • Intelligent Tasking

Intelligent Location Engine:

  • Infrastructure Free – Smart Device, Tags & WIFI Only
  • Rapid, Automated Mapping Technology
  • Region & Room-Level Accuracy
  • Mobile App Staff and Medical Equipment Locator
  • Intelligent Tasking Portal & Scheduler
  • Advanced Task Matching Algorithms
  • Multi-Floor 3D Localization
  • Seamless Indoor / Outdoor Location Transitions


Empowering Nurses to Drive Efficiency

Navenio is the answer to improving patient flow and operational efficiency, breaking historic barriers of indoor location services with ease and precision.

Breaking Through Barriers

A Step Change Innovation in Indoor Location Technology removing the cost and time to value limitations previously associated with RTLS.

Seamless Interoperability

Navenio seamlessly integrates with your existing systems and workflow. We create ubiquitous location awareness embedded directly into core Electronic Health Records (EHR), Nurse Call Systems, Facilities Management Systems and more.

Solving the Unsolvable

Our innovative technology addresses one of the most challenging problems in healthcare—accurate location services.

Cost-Effective, Non-Intrusive Implementation

Experience the Navenio advantage with minimal impact on your budget and IT resources. Our low-cost, low friction requires no fixed infrastructure ensuring a rapid, hassle-free adoption process.

Proof Points

Decrease in AverageTask Response Time

Increase inStaff Productivity

Improved Efficiency

Improvement inTask Completion Time

Capacity Expansion with Existing Staff

Nursing Hours Returned to Patient Care


Technology that Creates Smart Solutions through RTLS

With seamless integration into existing system infrastructure offering enhanced “smart” functionality.

Multi-platform Location Awareness for:

  • Electronic Health Records (EHRs)
  • Nurse Call Systems
  • Food Service Management
  • Environmental Services
  • Transporter Tracking
  • Staff Duress
  • Messaging Solutions
  • Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS)
  • Patient Capacity Management

Easy Integration