Two Solutions.

One Innovative Platform.

Caregivers in the trenches deserve the same app-based tools utilized in our everyday lives. To ease the burden on care teams and build a sustainable workforce, healthcare must offer innovative support solutions to empower care delivery.

Navenio offers real-time location technology that is simply disruptive.

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Transform Healthcare
Workforce Productivity

Documented Impact across a wide range of care environments including clinical support, patient requests, food service, environmental management, security, and more benefit hospitals through:

Your Systems, Your Workflow

Enabling intelligent location awareness and Al based tasking embedded in existing systems.

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Time Unleashed

Release hundreds of clinical hours per site per week to improve patient care and outcomes, as well as staff and patient experiences.

Optimized Staffing

Accurately align staffing with true workforce demand, reducing the need for temporary staff and travel nursing.

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Enhanced Visibility

Gain full operational visibility and real-time updates, ensuring everyone knows what’s happening.

Rapid ROI

Achieve a quick return on investment within weeks, driving year-over-year financial savings.

SLA Compliance

Meet service level agreements and avoid financial penalties.

IWS Features Include:

Effortless Task Management

Automate task assignments, eliminating manual dispatching.

Real-Time Updates

Receive live task progress updates and accurate arrival time estimates.

Efficiency Boost

Save time with group tasking features.

Seamless Communication

Staff can request assistance and communicate through the Navenio app.

Fully Configurable

Tailor IWS to your organization’s rules and SLAs.

Easy Integration

Pair with Intelligent Location Solution for asset proximity optimization.

Case Study

National Health Service (UK)

Across 13 public hospital facilities, the NHS experienced:

  • Total annual nursing time returned to nursing care, was equivalent to 27 total FTEs or over $1M by driving work to the right teams
  • 34% average increase in imaging volumes or $2.2M annually, unlocking hidden capacity 31% decrease in average time from task to response saving as much as $91k annually
  • Total value of increased productivity estimated at $1.4M annually Average of 41% decrease in task competition time
  • 24% volume increase in tasks completed

Transform Hospital Operations and Enhance Technology Investments

Navenio’s AI-enhanced location-based solutions transform workflows in a hospital environment by enabling continuous location awareness of staff and assets. Navenio integrates precise indoor location seamlessly into existing systems, apps and platforms.

Navenio has pioneered an easy-to-deploy, accurate, scalable, and robust indoor location-based solution that works where GPS does not through smartphone sensors that staff carry with them, removing any need for additional infrastructure.

Navenio ILS enables, secure messaging, critical supply distribution, medical equipment tracking, clinical support, patient flow, observations, nurse communication and includes features such as:

Seamless Integration:

  • Integrates effortlessly into existing hospital systems, apps, and platforms.
  • No need for additional infrastructure, thanks to smartphone sensor-based technology.

Precision Location Tracking:

  • Provides continuous location awareness of staff and assets, even where GPS is unavailable.
  • Accurate, scalable, and robust indoor location-based solution.

Versatile Integration Capabilities:

  • Seamlessly integrates into multiple applications and platforms.
  • Delivers real-time staff location, presence, movements, and audit trails.

Comprehensive Insights:

  • View live locations of both assets and personnel within a single solution.
  • User-friendly map view for easy navigation and monitoring.
  • Flexible search functionality to locate specific assets or individuals within defined areas.

Enhanced Interoperability:

  • Stream live location data to third-party applications, enabling versatile use cases.

Case Study

A 600-bed federal hospital known for its research and innovation experienced:

  • Enhanced communication among healthcare staff, allowing improved coordination and prompt response to patient needs providing more timely and appropriate care while improving patient satisfaction.
  • Met regulatory requirements and accreditation standards by ensuring proper documentation, response times, and patient care practices. Real-time data and activity tracking allowed for better decision-making.
  • Improved staff morale by enhancing convenience and providing a more supportive work environment.
  • Streamlined workflows through automation, allowing healthcare professionals to focus more on patient care and less on administrative tasks.

The Navenio Intelligent Location Engine

Taking RTLS to the Next Level

The Navenio platform delivers patented, next-generation, infrastructure-free RTLS over cloud-based software presented through a smartphone app. Hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) the platform is designed as a fully scalable SaaS model. Navenio is fully certified for DSP Toolkit, DCB0129 and HiPAA for managing user and patient data and applies stringent information security rules to all data it processes on behalf of its clients.

Additional features include:

Award Winning Mapping Matching

Patented algorithms constrain users’ odometry to the features of the map

Works with noisy trajectories and floorplans where change may have occurred

Home caregiver assisting elderly patient with transfer gait belt while walking outside medical complex

Indoor-Outdoor Detection

Uses a fusion of inertial, GPS and signal map data to accurately detect time/place of entry and exit into a building

Algorithms work regardless of knowledge of the location of entry/exit points

GPS geofences ensure location tracking is shutdown outside the hospital, and vice-versa

Physical therapist helps patient with hand brace

3D Localization without Maps

Experience maps are built via crowdsourcing users’ movements using inertial, pressure, signal, and GPS data. AI-powered motion tracking

Using a Wi-Fi or BLE scan, the technology can detect the 3D location of a user or asset on an experience map

Simple System Approach to Set-Up and Configuration

Robust yet simple system approach for the configuration elements which feed the configuration engine

Flexible – allowing for set-up around department-specific hours, schedules, roles, groups (dedicated, general, overflow pools), task priorities and more

Multi-Floor Localization

Algorithms can localize people across multiple FLoors without prior knowledge of
floor change transitions

Using pressure, inertial and signal map data, the platform identifies floor change transitions and what floor a user is moving to