OEM Licensing

A powerful tool wherever you want to use and benefit from indoor location data

OEM Licensing

Works where GPS does not and is infrastructure-free

OEM Licensing

Infrastructure-free localisation of people, trolleys, vehicles and assets; signal map automation; physical map automation and more.

OEM Licensing

“Our passion is to change the way we experience the indoor world” Professor Niki Trigoni, Navenio, CTO of the Year, Women in IT Awards 2020

OEM Indoor location and mapping technology

Navenio’s location technology is a powerful tool wherever you want to use and benefit from indoor location data for different users and applications. Navenio works where GPS does not – the ground-breaking location technology is highly accurate, to within just a few metres, and by being infrastructure-free it removes all barriers to enable rapid scalability.

Navenio has a wide range of IP it can licence to OEMs covering Infrastructure-Free Localisation of People, Trolleys, Vehicles and Assets; Signal Map Automation; Physical Map Automation and more. The Navenio OEM model gives access to our IP, know-how, APIs, and relevant algorithms, all supported by Professional Services from our team of experts.

The science behind our infrastructure-free technology

Navenio is created from world-class University of Oxford science. Using only a smartphone’s sensors, the fusion of core technologies creates a highly scalable indoor location, providing actionable insight immediately – which in turn feeds Navenio’s advanced scheduling AI for optimum performance. The technology can work with or without a building map and is robust to within a few meters. It also has no reliance on traditional location systems such as GPS, Beacons or RFID.

Award-winning Motion Tracking
Robust Sensor-fusion Algorithms
Self-learnt Ambient Signal Map
Advanced Scheduling Algorithms