We have found the data from Navenio to be invaluable, it has allowed us to see a true reflection of what is actually happening ‘on the floor’ …the data has allowed us to review our staffing demand profile and make a start on moving rotas to align with demand, so we are using data to inform decision making which was difficult previously.

Polly Terrey, Head of Facilities, KCH

2gether Support Solutions / East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust

Navenio worked in partnership with 2gether Support Solutions, a wholly owned subsidiary of East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust, to help realise their vision of helping their hospitals’ core services operate more efficiently long-term. Navenio’s Intelligent Workforce Solution (IWS) was engaged because of the transformational impact it can have on costs, improving the efficiency of Portering services and consequently improving patient outcomes.

It was a privilege to work so closely with 2gether Support Solutions to implement Navenio’s indoor-location technology across Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, Kent & Canterbury and William Harvey hospitals. In this document, we discover how Navenio’s technology has empowered their staff, benefitted patients, and positively impacted other hospital departments.

Using Navenio’s technology to empower staff at East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust

2gether Support Solutions inherited a legacy system for allocating tasks to Porters via a helpdesk and it was believed the system could be vastly improved.

Navenio’s IWS Portering module, which allocates tasks based on ‘the right person, right time, right place’ using only a smartphone, was chosen to improve the efficiency of the Portering service, reduce helpdesk calls, and provide live ETAs for Porters to Nursing teams.

Working together

Every hospital is different. Navenio’s 3-stage implementation process ensured that we delivered a system that was right for each of their needs:

  • Discovery – Information gathering from all relevant departments, understanding their needs, gathering feedback on current processes, and advising on some processes that could be optimised.
  • Set Up & Test – Configuring Navenio with all hospital processes and operational parameters, sense checking against hospital policies and governance and going through structured User Acceptance Testing.
  • Onboarding – Group training of all Navenio users, working around clinical pressures to minimise disruption, with on the ground support during go-live.

Post onboarding, Navenio worked with 2gether Support Solutions’ managers and Trust staff to ensure that they continued to get the most out of Navenio and its analytics.

The results

Navenio has helped put the Portering service wholly back into the control of 2gether Support Solutions by empowering Trust staff when it comes to requesting a Portering task. Since implementation, efficiency has increased, and service delivery has improved:

  • 18% More tasks are handled, despite reducing helpdesk calls
  • 26% More tasks are completed
  • 39% Faster assignment time of task
  • 29% Faster response time
  • 29% Of staff are walking less miles (per hour per resource)
  • 10% Fewer tasks are cancelled
  • Faster transit time – reduced by 5%
  • 12% Improvement in task compliance

A solution that delivers ROI

With the implementation of Navenio, efficiencies have been realised within the first stage of implementation.

Far-reaching benefits beyond Portering

As the Portering department has become more efficient, Ward staff who spent time carrying out Porter duties now have that time to care – up to c.200hrs per week.

And using Navenio’s data and insights, other areas that require change have been highlighted. For example, blood samples collected by Porters were higher than usual; the reasons were identified and solutions introduced.

Sharing best practice

Thanks to Navenio’s successful implementation, the realisable benefits are now being considered for implementation with other service areas such as Rapid Response teams and Catering.

Here's what they said...

We now have visibility of when Porters have accepted tasks, an estimate of when they will arrive and their progress, it has really improved the situation for staff and patients alike

Ward Clerk