Navenio Selected to Join Department for International Trade’s Digital Health Campaign – ‘The First 100 Playbook’

Navenio has been chosen to be a part of the DIT ‘First 100’; a list of innovative and emerging UK digital healthtech companies. The newly launched Digital Health campaign is unlocking challenges facing global healthcare, with companies offering solutions and technologies that make care accessible, affordable and sustainable. The ‘First 100’ are committed to export and international expansion, unique in their innovation and represent the UK journey and direction in digital health, particularly with the NHS.

The ‘First 100’ will help promote digital health overseas, find a way to make an impact on healthcare worldwide, and build a solid base for the future of healthcare, making it personalised, digital, and patient centric. In the System Efficiency and Transformation category, Navenio has been recognised, alongside companies including Patient Source, Vita Healthcare Solutions and Malinko, by the UK Department for International Trade, a major authority in Digital Healthcare technologies.

The selected companies are entrusted to help take on the challenge of making global healthcare ‘better, safer, faster, more accurate and reach further’. These companies that make up the Digital Health ‘First 100’ list, are the first ever to take on this responsibility. This is a significant achievement for Navenio, which currently operates in the UK, US, Hong Kong and Singapore, as along with the other selected candidates, it will now have the opportunity and resources to contribute to healthtech initiatives on a global scale.

To find out more about Navenio and the other companies download the ‘First 100 playbook’ here.