Tim Weil, Navenio CEO, Shares Insights on Running a ‘Fast Growth AI Business’

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, businesses have faced a wealth of challenges in recent months and with this in mind, Navenio’s CEO Tim Weil spoke to Information Age about some of the key pain points of running an AI business. 

Tim shared some insights for fellow scale up founders and entrepreneurs, including how learning to work quickly and embrace challenges can lead to business success. For technology businesses to thrive, he explained, “AI businesses have had to learn and adapt quickly to ensure their technology can be implemented with minimal disruption. While the pandemic was unexpected, adapting to these challenges has allowed many tech businesses to thrive.”

For the success of any fast growth business, Tim agreed with fellow AI founders that developing a solid business strategy with a team that is all moving in the right direction is essential. In the second article of the series, Tim revealed that “now is the time that technology is really starting to accelerate in many sectors…whilst it is exciting to be part of a business in rapid scale mode — it is important to make sure that the foundations have been set to support that growth.”

Looking ahead to the rest of this year and beyond, Tim also spoke to Information Age about his predictions for 2021, as businesses continue to face pandemic related challenges. He explained, “companies like Navenio, have shown how to adapt to different industries and quickly provide services and support where needed.” He added that “we expect many more businesses to follow this approach in 2021.”

With the Navenio team adapting well to working remotely, the company has been able to  continue operating efficiently and grow customer services. Given the nature of the crisis, Navenio has also been busy evolving its solution with healthcare teams and providers, to ensure that onboarding during COVID-19 is fast and in line with the strict healthy and safety guidelines.

Thankfully, the team strives to overcome any challenges and make the roll out of its AI technology as seamless as possible.

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