How indoor mapping is helping beat the healthcare backlog

With the announcement that patient waiting lists have now reach 7 million, our CRO, Andrew Loveless, spoke with Technology Dispatch on how indoor mapping is helping beat the healthcare backlog.

Here are some of Andrew’s key messages:

Right person, right place, right time 

The best way to improve efficiency in a healthcare environment is by having the right person in the right place, at the right time.  Navenio achieve this via a powerful AI automatic task allocation capability.  This not only helps with the efficiency of tasks but reduces pressure on teams, improves hospital flow and most importantly, saves lives. 

Crowdsourced data from phones, which are carried by hospital staff moving around the hospital, is sufficient to provide location information. Having a solution which supports the last known position of both workforce and assets allows for effective automatic scheduling based on proximity, priority, availability, status and skill set.

Supporting NHS staff 

Throughout the pandemic the pressure on NHS staff was inimaginable. This pressure has not disappeared, but is now being felt from the record breaking backlog. Navenio is helping to alleviate some of this pressure by doubling workforce productivity and increasing team capacity by over 30%.  

Our technology is easy to integrate with other technologies to support optimal workflow. The most effective workflow allows for workers to have more time to complete tasks without losing valuable time due to inefficient organisation. 

Prioritising patient care

Hospitals that installed Navenio also found that after implementing its technology workers had a 31% increase in the capacity to handle more tasks and were able to respond to them 40% quicker. 

Time is an invaluable commodity within healthcare. The more time given back to staff, the more patients can be treated and cared for and at a higher standard. Ultimately, it’s one way to help reduce the growing backlog of patients who need care. 

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