Navenio’s CTO and Founder Niki Trigoni on How to Prepare for the Festive Season

Back in December, Navenio’s CTO and Founder Niki Trigoni spoke with Verdict about how CTOs can best plan ahead and make sure that everything runs smoothly while key staff are off, helping others to avoid issues and missed opportunities. 

Alongside CTOs from companies including Sage and Puppet, Niki attributed planning ahead as the key to success during December, she said: “Thinking ahead and planning is key to keeping operations running smoothly during festive and holiday seasons. It should never be a shock. With customer demand remaining high, partnered with employee leave, CTOs must prepare to find a balance.”

In reference to her role at Navenio, Niki suggested that aligning with customer demand and product updates helps the company to cope with pressures during busy parts of the year. She commented that: “Collaboration is key and therefore communicating to different teams what others can expect while key members are out is vital to meet demands and solve issues as and when they occur.”

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