Preventing Burnout and Empowering Nurses

At Navenio, we know that nurses are part of the fabric that holds a hospital together, however, the majority of nurses in the US are experiencing increasing pressure and burnout.

A recent American Nurses Association survey revealed that 56% of nurses say they are experiencing burnout. Most say they are experiencing at least one symptom of burnout, such as exhaustion, while many say they are consumed by their frustrations at work. 

An article from Chief Healthcare Executive also highlights how this burnout and stress is negatively impacting nurses’ mental health. The survey found that 39% of nurses were likely to leave their roles in the next six months. The American Nurses Association is calling for employers to take additional steps to better support nurses today and sustain the profession for the future.

Another survey of 33 health system leaders showed that 92% of respondents consider better patient experiences the “top desired outcome from digital transformation.” The solutions to help nurses are out there, it is now up to hospitals and healthcare services to adopt and implement them

Navenio is Nurse Empowerment

Nursing burnout ultimately takes nurses away from the bedside, impacting patient care and their ability to do their job.

A strategy that is having significant impact  is to improve patient flow through Reverse Bed Chain. Reverse Bed Chain which utilizes real-time location services (RTLS) to improve flow and work experience for all employees. 

Flow within the healthcare setting is defined by the movement of patients, information or equipment between departments, staff groups or organisations as part of a care pathway. With  Reverse Bed Chain in place, this continuous flow ensures that each step in the care process is completed without delay. Think operational excellence or Six Sigma. Reverse Bed Chain gets nurses back to the bedside and allows them to deliver compassionate and high-quality care to their patients. 

Navenio’s mission is to transform hospitals globally by enabling healthcare teams to be in the right place, at the right time, to deliver the very best in patient care. Our solution unlocks a 2-3x improvement in the number of tasks completed by hospital staff, thereby improving bottom line, patient experience and staff retention.

At a time when our healthcare system is under pressure, it is crucial that we empower and support our nurses in any way we can. 

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