She Talks Tech Podcast: Transforming the Healthcare Industry

 “All you need is wifi and a cell phone, which based on the industry is completely transformative”

Navenio’s CEO, Connie Moser, was recently featured on WeAreTechWomen’s podcast to discuss the company’s role in driving innovation in the healthcare industry. The episode explores Navenio’s advancements in creating tech-light, low cost,  indoor, location infrastructure and key insights from Connie’s career journey.

Connie discusses how Navenio beaconless infrastructure works through proprietary 3D, multi-floor, crowdsourced mapping technology. 

And that the real differentiation between Navenio and other RTLS solutions can be found in the manner in which efficiencies are created through a sophisticated AI tasking engine. “As requests come in, the tasking engine identifies who’s the closest, and who can do the task. The tasking engine then does workload balancing, it would identify and send the request to the person with fewer tasks. It can do more with the same amount of resources.”

By optimising patient care logistics and intelligently matching the right resource, to the right location for the right job, nurses are empowered in their day-to-day responsibilities, with up to a 94% increase in task completion.

Listen to the full podcast episode here.

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