Software Saves Lives: Why Hospitals Need To Embrace IT Projects Post-COVID-19

Our CEO Tim Weil recently wrote a piece about the importance of software when it comes to saving lives in hospitals for a Startups Magazine article, published last week.

In it, Tim talks about the different approaches hospitals sometimes take to IT projects compared with physical equipment. From MRI scanners to X-Ray machines, hardware saves lives in an obvious way and is vital for hospitals to function, especially given additional challenges created by COVID-19. They are therefore keen to invest in new hardware equipment and hire more staff. This can mean that investment in software projects and new IT capabilities tends to be lower on the priority list.

With non-medical technology, it can be tougher to see the benefits outright, but they are significant. Location-based tech for frontline teams for example, isn’t something that is particularly visible to everyone instantly. But it can help porters, cleaners and clinical support teams manage their workflow much more effectively, thereby improving the speed and quality of the patient journey as well. Furthermore, COVID-19 has shone a light on how connected technology can be hugely beneficial, from helping doctors conduct virtual ward rounds to managing safe movement of staff and patients.

Tim comments:

I’m now seeing more software projects take off and providers working as hard as they can to do their bit and partner with hospitals to get things back to normal. By stepping up, working hard, and collaborating effectively, this is smoothing the path for the adoption of transformative software for a great many hospitals.

You can read the full article here.