TechRound News: Q&A with Andrew Loveless, VP of Business Development at Navenio

In a recent interview with TechRound, Navenio’s VP of Business development, Andrew Loveless, discussed our mission to transform the indoor world, Navenio’s mission and how the company has evolved during the pandemic.

The article covers Navenio’s story from inception to current mission to expand into new use cases. Andrew explained the role of compelling real time indoor location mapping to solve real life business challenges. Additionally, he explored how the use of Navenio’s data and insights during the pandemic have supported healthcare professionals, working with teams to enable them to be more efficient and helped to increase the number of tasks completed by 94% and reduced bed turnaround time by 35%. 

Looking ahead, Andrew discussed Navieno’s future, with plans to scale  into the US and beyond. 

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