The Mobile Apps Streamlining Healthcare

Last week Navenio was featured in an article by Health Digital, exploring mobile-based apps benefiting patients, medical professionals, and health institutions. The article deep dives into applications four – Cerner, Medic Creations, Navenio, and Doctorlink – to see how they are “laying the foundations for a truly digital healthcare”.

Each of the four featured technologies benefits the healthcare industry in different ways. Cerner is focused on monitoring personal health, allowing patients visibility to their health data, and trackers, while also allowing them to participate in health challenges, sign up for events, and explore information on a range of health topics. Doctorlink, is an application that streamlines the patient assessment process, including booking appointments that aims to help the NHS free up capacity by 30%. Medic Creations, supported by BT, is improving medical staff communications helping them gain greater efficiency. Finally, Navenio’s software is highlighted as the technology which will help indoor location solutions transform and gain greater efficiency. As Niki comments:

“Our indoor positioning system comprises a plethora of smartphone and cloud-based algorithms that enable location-based services in a scalable and infrastructure-free manner. At the core, we have developed robust signal processing and deep learning algorithms for human and asset motion tracking using inexpensive inertial sensors on smartphones and IoT devices.”

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