The NHS Hidden Waiting Lists: How Navenio is Continuing to Help Break the Healthcare Backlog

We continue to hear much about the ever-growing NHS waiting list. The published list now stands at 7.6 million people but a recent BBC investigation has suggested that “the true scale of the backlog is thought to be much higher.”

The backlog results from delays in routine check-ups, elective surgeries, and non-emergency procedures, contributing to a growing list of patients awaiting essential care. This not only affects patient well-being but also places an additional burden on healthcare staff striving to provide timely and quality healthcare services, ultimately taking them from the bedside. 

Enter Navenio

Hospitals that have installed Navenio found that after implementing its technology workers had a 31% increase in the capacity to handle more tasks and were able to respond to them 40% quicker. 

Time is an invaluable commodity within healthcare. The more time given back to staff, the more patients can be treated and cared for at a higher standard. Ultimately, it’s one way to help reduce the growing backlog of patients who need care. 

How does Navenio continue to get staff back to the bedside?

  • Improved Patient Flow: Strategies such as Reverse Bed Chain directly reduce patient waiting times as well as optimising capacity. 
  • Task Automation and Increased Efficiency: This enables healthcare professionals to focus on high-priority tasks and patient care, ultimately being able to get back to their roles of providing care, with a 94% proven increase in tasks completed. 
  • Resource Allocation: Navenio’s technology helps healthcare facilities to optimise resource allocation. This ensures that personnel and equipment are deployed where they are most needed, preventing bottlenecks and delays in patient care.

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