Navenio joins The Patient Flow Conference North: the event improving NHS pathways

Chief Operating Officer, Bill Kloes, was a keynote speaker at The Patient Flow Conference North in Manchester last week. 

The conference provided a pivotal platform for NHS Urgent Care leaders to collectively address the challenges impeding efficient patient flow within the healthcare system, each keynote speaker presentation created an open Q&A forum for discussion.

Bill discussed the role of technology in healthcare and how it can balance urgent and emergency care demands through streamlining patients’ access to care. 

The keynote speech covered a variety of topics, including:

  • Patient Flow with RTLS: Exploring how Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) can improve patient flow by monitoring movement, optimising resource allocation, and enhancing the location of medical equipment.
  • Impact on Discharge Rates: The impact of improving patient flow on discharge rates, through the adoption of Navenio’s solutions.
  • Seamless Integration with Existing Systems: Highlighting Navenio’s seamless integration with existing systems and Electronic Patient Records (EPRs), ensuring a smooth transition and enhanced efficiency.
  • Smartphone and WiFi Infrastructure: Explaining Navenio’s user-friendly infrastructure, using smartphones and WIFI networks to streamline processes.
  • Contact Tracing Effectiveness: Demonstrating the effectiveness of Navenio’s solutions in contact tracing for patients within healthcare facilities.
  • Cross-Hospital Mapping: The ability of Navenio to facilitate cross-hospital mapping across different locations, creating an interconnected healthcare system.

The conference was an engaging day full of discussion on innovation and how we can improve our healthcare through technology adoption.

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