Navenio Partners with Pavion in Major U.S. Hospital Deployment

Navenio is proud to announce today a new partnership with Pavion. Pavion is the world’s largest distributor of the Rauland Responder®, an intelligent nurse call system employed by more than 4,000 hospitals in 40 countries to improve communication flow, increase accuracy and decrease response time, errors and wasted effort

The partnership is based on Navenio’s ability to integrate infrastructure-free non-invasive Real Time Location Service technology seamlessly into the nurse call system and other critical clinical and workflow systems in a hospital environment. The first installation for the partnership will take place at a 700 bed federal hospital and research organisation located outside of Washington DC.

In the past, nurse call systems utilised beacon-based hardware requiring a large capital outlay for the hospital. Navenio’s proprietary technology requires nominal investment in both IT time and resources. The platform leverages smartphones and the fusion of multiple unique technologies creating a highly scalable indoor location service with an artificial intelligence tasking engine delivering immediate actionable insight. 

With our hands-free RTLS system, a nurse, located near the site of a call, can rapidly enter a patient’s room, and address any need immediately as the system automatically turns off the patient’s call signal.  The system also records data on how quickly patient requests are being addressed, supporting key metrics associated with patient satisfaction. 

“We are thrilled to begin our US roll-out with such a prestigious research and hospital organisation and a partner like Pavion,” said Connie Moser, chief executive officer of Navenio. “The nurse call technology is a great example of where workforce efficiency can improve the nurse and patient experience without invasive technology.”

Navenio expands the functionality of not only the nurse call system but also other processes required to optimise workforce efficiency such as housekeeping, environmental services, food service and pharmacy services. 

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